Lazarev, S: Seminar in Prague/DVD

Art.Nr.: 13499104 ISBN 9783941622814

Hersteller: Raduga Verlag
Autor/Interpret Lazarev, S. N.
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The Seminars of Sergei N. Lazarev abide by a unique principle. Speaking in detail about the fundamental points of his research, S. N. Lazarev addresses his audience's questions concerning the human soul, offering a perspective on how a person's character, emotional state, and worldview can affect their destiny and health, as well as that of their children. Here it is possible to find answers to the questions any person asks at least once in the course of their lifetime: Why are these things happening to me?\nWhat did I do to deserve these problems?\nHow do I protect myself, my children, and my loved ones from misfortune?\n These are a few of the many topics touched upon in the Prague 2012 seminar to be found on this DVD. Throughout the twenty years of his research and practice S. N. Lazarev has worked with many thousands of patients, helping them experience how misfortune and disease can be overcome by a change in one's priorities, behavior and attitude, as well as through diligent care for the soul. Using his unique ability of remote diagnosis, S. N. Lazarev has created a comprehensive philosophical system, which helps people see how things that they earlier attributed to chance, actually happen in accordance with the laws of the universe. Identifying and clarifying these laws, his system offers a new form of orientation in the surrounding world as well as in specific situations, answering the questions, Who are we, where have we come from, and where we are going?